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E3 2015 - Hopes and Predictions

Every year we count down the days till summer because we know E3 will be there! And every year we create insane expectations and make a list in our heads of games we hope to see (both games we know are in development, and games we want announced). Here is my list of Games (and other topics) I most wanna see at E3. Both games I know will be there (like Star Wars Battlefront), and games I hope get announced (F-Zero!!!). Some of these "hopes" are ones I have had for years but I still haven't gotten them yet. Example: The Last Guardian. Also, you're gonna see a lot of Nintendo stuff on this list. Let's start!

Rare's new game:

Rare and Microsoft swear they are working on something big. What is that game? I don't know. But I hope to find out at this year's E3. I don't wanna get my hopes up, cause Microsoft has Rare making Kinect game and other small things. I doubt it will be something as awesome as Playtonic's Yooka-Laylee game, but maybe I will be surprised by Microsoft!

 Will Microsoft reveal a new Banjo-Kazooie?

Can't wait for Playtonic Game's Yooka-Layle

Disney Infinity 3.0:

STAR WARS! Anyway, here's some context for my dynamic with Disney infinity. I have never played Disney Infinity before. I like many of the toys so I have been wanting to buy some for a while now. The "Amiibos" are already costing me a lot. And "Amiibos" are not the only toy line I but cause I'm big into toy collecting. So to a certain point I have avoided Infinity. That will no longer be possible. STAR WARS is coming! The Starter set for Infinity 3.0 has Anakin and Ashoka from Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (Hell yes!!).

Gameinformer cover 

Disney Infinity 3.0 comes with Ashoka and Anakin

The two gameplay packs that have been confirmed are Original Trilogy and Prequel Trilogy focused (Twilight of the Republic and Rise Against the Empire). Both packs feature different styles tf gameplay, including vehicle stages like Pod-Racing and Space Dog-Fights. On top of that, all the figures that have been revealed look great! I can't wait! Here's hoping they do Star Wars: Rebels and The Force Awakens in 2016!

Prequel Trilogy/Clone Wars Era 

Original Trilogy era  

Can't wait to get the figures!

The Last Guardian:

I remember watching the Sony Press Conference live in 2009 when they revealed The Last Guardian. it was a great conference, and that moment was one of the show's highlights. The game looked gorgeous and like all big Playstation fans I instantly fell in love with the Griffin-like creature. But it's been 6 friggin years and still no Last Guardian. Will we see it this year? Maybe. They say it's still in development. Lets wait and hope.

looks gorgeous 

I hope the game comes out... someday

Resident Evil 7:

While it's true that we have gotten many Resident Evil games in the last few years, most have been remasters of older games (Starting with RE 4 in 2015, RE 1 in 2015, and they just announced RE 0 for a 2016 release). And the new games have been a part of sub-series called "Revelations". I haven't played those yet, but they seem really good. But it is time for a numbered game in the series.

Need to play the Revelations series

They might wanna consider having a rebooted universe instead of making a seventh game in the series. It's more than 7 actually, considering all the games not accompanied by a number. I would still like to see games in the original universe. No reason there can't be various canons. Or just stick with the original for now. Just don't abandon the original universe Capcom, keep it alive!


I would like a return to horror, like the "Revelations" games have done. Something like Resident Evil 4's style of play, where action meets horror. I like that third person camera and the improved controls of more recent entries. First person would be an interesting new arena for RE games, but maybe as an option instead of as a replacement (like in GTA V).

RE 5 was a good game. an action game yes, but still good.

Remasters for PS4:

We need more remasters for PS3. Don't stop with Last of Us and God of War 3. Bring the Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, and Infamous games to PS4. As well as the entire Ratchet and Clank series and all other platformers [Sly, Jak, Lil Big Planet]. They should do with the PS4 what they did during the PS3 era in terms of HD Collections. And it's time for the PSN store on the PS4 to start rebuilding the epic PS3 library. We need PS1 and PS2 classics on the PS4 [in HD!!!].

Bring collections to PS4!

Sony first party reveals:

Sony has been depending a lot on third party exclusives this generation. Just look at their strong partnership with Bungie and their Destiny game. And that's totally fine, but I want them to still continue to be the great company they are in terms of their first party titles. I love the variety they bring to the table in terms of gameplay, graphics and art styles, genres, etc. I hope they reveal some more first party games this E3. Maybe even some New IP's, and some revivals (bring back the Jak series and Syphon Filter, etc etc).

Give us more games Sony!

Resistance 4:

There is no dormant Sony Franchise I want to return more than Resistance. Time for a fourth entry in the series. Five if you count the PSP game. Or will they reboot and start over from scratch. Whatever the case we want to kill more Chimera. Make it a long game Sony. Longer than the 2nd and 3rd game. Maybe not as long as the first one, but long nonetheless. Bring back Split screen co-op for the main campaign like in the first and third game. Make it online as well. I think it was also online for Resistance 3, but with the first game it was only offline.

I want to kill some Chimera again! 

Fall of Man is still my favorite in the series

Ratchet and Clank remake and movie:

The Movie and game have been delayed for 2016, but that still doesn't mean they can't show something. Last year they had a trailer for the movie and the reveal that they were developing a remake of the first game. Give us another trailer for the movie, and our first look at the new game! Long live the Ratchet and Clank series, my favorite Sony Franchise!


Can't wait!!

Virtual Console reveals and sizzle reel:

Nintendo hasn't done a bad job with the Wii U's virtual console. They have even surprised us with systems we weren't expecting like the GBA and DS handhelds. Their next step is to show more support for the platforms they have, AKA more games. I hope they show a sizzle reel at E3 with upcoming games for 2015, and announcement for Gamecube Games in 2016. Wrap up the SNES and NES library with key games like Super Mario RPG, Mario All Stars, and third party games like Contra 1. Bring on Metroid Zero Mission and finally bring Mother 3 to the States. N64 and Wii need a lot of support (why did they skip Galaxy 1 and go straight to number 2?). They need to bring N64 games they skipped on the Wii's Virtual Console, like Pilotwings 64 and Mario Party 1 and 3.

 Give us Pilotwings 64!!

Time for Mario RPG to arrive on Wii U 

The UK already has Zero Mission, bring it to the states and to other territories as well!

More Nintendo HD remakes and remasters:

Nintendo has done an excellent job with remakes like Wind Waker HD, and the N64 Zeldas and Star-Fox 64 on the 3DS. Time for more remakes and remasters. I would love to see those 3DS remakes brought to Wii U. I wanna play Ocarina and Majora and Starfox in HD! But I don't expect many reveals for E3. Super Mario Sunshine would be a good idea for their next HD remake. It is the year of Mario's 30th anniversary after all, and Mario Maker isn't enough in terms of celebrating 30 years of Mario! Plus, Sunshine doesn't even need to be remade from scratch. Remaster it in HD, put it in widescreen, and maybe tweak the lighting system like they did in Wind Waker HD. Shouldn't cost too much or take over a year of development time. I think Gamecube games should be remastered in HD instead of just ported over in standard def and 4:3 aspect ratio, same goes for Wii games. and many N64 games deserve remakes. I want Mario 64 in HD!!!!!

 Gorgeous remaster

 Time to remake Mario 64 in HD!

Bring the 3DS remakes to consoles!

Uncharted 4:

Uncharted has been pushed to 2016, but Sony really really needs to show the game at E3 in a big way. There is no way they can "win" E3 without showing a new trailer with awesome cinematics and gameplay, as well as having a great demo on the show floor. Uncharted trilogy was amazing. It was my favorite Sony series during the PS3 era, and I can't wait to play the fourth entry in the series.

 looks great

PS4's killer app!

Star Wars Battlefront:

I have been waiting years for a third Battlefront game! I know battlefront will be at E3, and I know it's coming out this holiday season. So why am I getting more and more pessimistic. EA has made me feel this way. There is a lack of split screen offline multiplayer. The entire game is online. We can't even play offline instant action against the games AI. It's all online, all multiplayer, all the time. DAMMIT!!!!! EA needs to understand that people still hang out and play games together in the same room and using the same console on a single TV. And that people also like to play.... alone. I wasn't expecting a sinlge player story mode, but at least instant action and other single player stuff. And it seems like it only has 12 maps, so prepare to waste a lot of money on obscene amounts of DLC. I am pumped about the first person mode, and the current gen visuals, etc. But I'm so mad at certain things that it just pisses me off. But I am still dying to play it.


Also, I would love to see what else EA is cooking up with the Star Wars universe. What is Amy hennig, formerly of Naughty Dog, working on at EA? I hope we find out!

Third and First person! 

Epic poster!

Star-Fox and other confirmed Big N titles:

Took you long enough Nintendo! But it's finally coming! Star-Fox returns! I hope it has a big and memorable campaign with many stages to play and various vehicles to use. I hope they do on foot sections again and do a better job at it this time, but I'm not expecting that for this game. I just hope it's good. I hope it's not a rush job. It needs to play well, look good, and sound good. Nintendo gets cheap sometimes. Look at Pilotwings Resort and how it recycled Wuhu Island from Wii Sport Resort and used Miis instead of original characters. It needs to blow me out of my mind like Mario Kart 8 did!

 Miyamoto plays the Star-Fox tech demo at last year's E3

Miyamoto announces he is making Star-Fox 

The Star-Fox team will return this year, 2015!

Also, can't wait to see more of Yoshi's Wooly World (looks so gorgeous), Mario Maker (reveal the graphics for the All Stars SNES games!!!).

Gorgeous yarn art-style

Legend of Zelda surprise:

Nintendo already pushed Zelda for 2016, and said it wouldn't be at E3. But could they change their mind about not having it at the show? Im not referring to a playable demo. All I need right now is a trailer! Even if its mostly story stuff and all cutscenes instead of gameplay. I love cinematic trailers!!!! Just show me something. Maybe reveal the game's title!

 Can't wait to see Nintendo's approach to "Open World"



And here's hoping for some big game reveals from the Big N.

Here's an important question, What is Retro Studios working on?

IP's Retro Studios has worked on

Will Nintendo reveal a new Metroid Game? if so, 2D or 3D? Will it be F-Zero for Wii U? A sports game like Punch-Out, Waverace, or Pilotwings? A 3D Donkey Kong game for Wii U? Animal Crossing for Wii U? A new 3D Mario Game? We will know come June 16 at 9 am!!

Bring back these franchises and others you have ignored too much Nintendo!! 

F-ZERO seems to be the most requested sequel from Nintendo's under-appreciated franchises


I wanna know what your list is! What confirmed games are you excited for? What surprises are you hoping to see at this years E3? Which conference are you most excited to see? Let me know!!

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Hope everyone enjoys E3!

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