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Ninja Turtles 30th Anniversary Tribute

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for 30 years! It's hard to believe but it's true. 5 movies and over 4 shows, as well as many different comic canons and video games. It's a rich history and all incarnations are varied and unique. And I have taken some time to honor these 3 decades of TMNT by making this tribute-montage video-music video-fan video about the turtles. It has music by Vanilla Ice, Spunkadelic, and Technotronic feat. Ya Kid K. So prepare to hear the "Ninja Rap", "9.95", and "Rockin' Over the Beat". the video can be seen here by following this link to my youtube channel. the poster is below. This article/blog post follows below the picture. I will talk about the movies, shows, and more. And about my relationship to all the different versions of tmnt.

About me and the Turtles:

I have a long relationship with the turtles. 20 plus years! I plan on making an article called "Why I love the Turtles" later on. The main point of this post was to promote my montage video. But I will give you guys a taste of why I love the turtles here. and I will talk about many of the movies and shows. So, lets begin.

Photoshop of me and the turtles for my"Random Stop-Motion 3" video. 

Me and the 2007 Mickey figure. see "Random Stop Motion 3" here

I grew up with the turtles my whole life. My older brother grew up with them and I inherited that love from him. I loved watching the first show, the 3 movies, and playing with the toys as a kid. I would watch one of the movies everyday day for quite a while. Had them memorized and everything. I would constantly play with the toys. And I drew so many Drawings of the turtles that if I had kept them all I would have a crapload of binders with drawings in them. Sadly only one of those drawings survived from the early 90's.

Eventually I "grew"out of TMNT [Herecy!!!]. I got into other stuff like Power Rangers and DBZ and Pokemon. Like most kids we make dumb choices, like throwing toys away when we are not playing much with them [boy do I regret that now]. And when we get into something new we forget about the old. Luckily I always paid attention to Star Wars and DC so I didn't throw any of those away. But luckily when 2003 came around the turtles were rebooted and I got excited. More on the 2003 show very soon.

The Original Show:

I grew up with the show as a kid and I loved it. it was perfect for a kid that age. Now as an adult I find it hard re-watching it. Doesn't hold up well in some areas, and its very kiddie for my age. But I still love the show. It was such an important part of my childhood, and its close to my heart. I am going to start re-watching it this year cause my bro got the DVD's! Also, the Nes and SNES video games from this era are awesome. been playing them over and over again for years. The GBA games from the 2000's are good too.


The Movies: 

The original movie is a masterpiece. It's dark, intense, and well written. It's also fun and silly, but not too silly. I could talk about it for hours so I will stop soon. It's one of my favorite movies of all time cause I grew up with it and still to this day watch it a lot. The sequels are not as good, but they are guilty pleasures. Secret of the Ooze is fun, and I like that the third one is a bit darker in some areas like the fight scenes. TMNT 2007 cgi movie is highly under rated and under appreciated.


under appreciated film. love this movie.

2003 series:

The 2003 series re-ignited my love for the Turtles and made me a lifelong fan. Its darker, smarter, and better than most other incarnations of TMNT. The first season is a masterpiece cause it borrowed a lot from the original comics and had some cool-fresh-new ideas too. The first 4 seasons are a must see for any true TMNT fan. hell, the entire show is fun to watch. and "Turtles Forever" was amazing. The 80's comic book turtles, the 80's animated turtles, and the 2003 turtles collided in an epic finale that sent the 2003 series out with a bang!

You have no idea how much I love this show!

Nick Show and 2014 movie:

The Nick show seemed like it would be crap but turned out to be quite awesome. I love how the Turtles act like teenagers instead of like children [80s show] or older teenagers-young adults [2003 show]. Its fun to watch. It's sillier than the 2003 one, but not like the 80's one. It's an in between in terms of tone and it works quite well. The new movie doesn't fare as well as the new show but I didn't hate it. What works is really good [like the turtles and the action scenes]. But the foot clan, shredder characterization, the backstory, all messed up as hell. But it's not bad; It's worth a watch. The new movie series has potential. Let's cross our fingers the sequels is more... effective. Haven't read the IDW comics yet, but I will read them soon.

 Well done Nickelodeon. Booyakasha!!

Messy film. mixed bag. but kinda cool. I kinda like it. 


I love TMNT. That's the conclusion. I love them. If you see the tribute video you will see what I mean. As I said earlier, this article is a teaser for a bigger one that will come later on, and it's companion video. "Why I love TMNT"!! Hope you enjoyed the post anyway. More TMNT stuff coming this year. stay tuned to my channel for the "Art Gallery Video". The 8 bit gallery exhibit was great. video coming soon.

Poster I made for my next video, about the 30th anniversary exhibit at the 8 bit gallery. 

30th anniversary art 

My bro at the art show 

Me at the art show

I will see you guys next time for more TMNT Nostalgia! If you enjoyed this article then feel free to subscribe to this blog and to my other pages.

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