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Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art Exhibit

It has been 30 years since Ghostbusters arrived in theaters, and the Traveling Art exhibit came to the "Eighty Eight" art gallery in California. I was lucky enough to go. If you see the video it will be as if you were there. You will see most, if not all, of the paintings that were there in the video. the video can be seen here in my youtube channel. The article continues below with some pictures from the show and my reaction to the entire Ghostbusters 30th anniversary celebration. It's a big year with this art show, the bluray, toys, the theatrical re-release, and much more. continue reading to hear my views on all of this.

poster I made for the video!

The Art Show:

The art exhibit was amazing. The Slimer in the middle of the gallery was a nice photo op and it looks great. There were so many amazing paintings and pieces of art. Here are a few of my favorites. More in the video!!!

 door! you are about to enter an amazing exhibit! 

great gallery! Slimer awaits!

From the moment you arrive you are treated with ghostbusters awesomeness! The Logo is in entrance. And once you step inside you see the long gallery, with Slimer in the middle of the gallery! And you know he wants you to take pictures with him!

Cala with Slimer!

Slimer and me!

The art show was about Ghostbusters, but there were some bins with pieces of art from previous exhibits. including the Community event they had last year.



The paintings are great. Many are realistic, but some are very cartoony and even surreal. There is a great variety in terms of the styles. I enjoyed every minute of being there. Here are some paintings:

30h Anniversary events all year:

The Art gallery isn't the only thing happening this year! The movie is being re-release very soon to theaters. heres a link to the trailer. FUNKO has been making POP Figures of Ghostbusters. LEGO has just released the Ecto-1. And Ghostbusters 2 is finally getting the Blu-Ray treatment! There is a single version, a two pack of ghostbusters 1 and 2, and a collectors edition two pack that brings a statue.

 FUNKO POP Figures


 Ghostbusters 2 blu-ray

 1 and 2 on blu-ray! two-pack!

Collectors edition Blu-Ray box-set


I want to dedicate the Ghostbusters 30th anniversary video I made to Harold Ramis. He played Egon in the movies. He was a great actor-writer-director. He directed CaddyShack, Groundhog Day, and many more awesome movie! Rest in Peace Harold Ramis!

Egon!! Harold Ramis! 

Harold Ramis!

Thank you for reading the blog post and for reading the video! Hope you enjoyed it! stay tuned for more articles. this piece wasn't that big. But many other posts are big in depth articles. And all my videos get companion pieces here on the blogspot. check out all my channels like youtube, twitter, google plus, etc. 

Take care everyone!

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