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X-MEN Days of Future Past - Arclight Cast Q&A

I was privileged to attend a Q&A with actors Shawn Ashmore, Evan Peters, Omar Sy, and producer Laura Schuler. It was at the Artclight Theaters in Hollywood, California. The movie was screened and then the panel began. The video embedded below is the video I made of said Q&A. You will see about 8 minutes from the Panel and my introduction and conclusion. I give a mini-review of the movie during the last segment-conclusion piece. In total the video is about 13 minutes and a half. Hope you enjoy it. this article continues below the embedd with a mini review and some more info. enjoy the video and the companion article! Just in case, here's a link to the video.

the actors you will be seeing in the Q&A:

 Omar Sy as Bishop

 Shawn Ashmore as Iceman

Evan Peters as Quicksilver

Here are some pictures I took of the Q&A, article continues below these pics.

Pic of the stage! Q&A in progress! 

Q and A 

Omar Sy and Shawn Ashmore 

 Evan Peters and Laura Schuler

Poster in the Arclight theater


I really really enjoyed the movie. Just like First Class and Wolverine 2, it was a good x-men movie. And the awesome thing is that it fixed all the things the third movie ruined. SPOILERS!!! Jean Grey and Scott Summers are back. And that last sequence was awesome. Seeing Wolverine walk around the X-Mansion while he sees all the other X-Men alive and well. Awesome cameos, even a surprising one by Kelsey Grammer as Beast [one of the few redeeming qualities from X3 was him playing Beast]. And Anna Paquin as Rogue! As you will see in the Q&A, Producer Laura Schuler promised that the sequence featuring Rogue, that was cut from the movie, will be re-inserted for the Blu-Ray release later this year.

Good to have you back Jean and Cyclops!

The cast of First Class and the one from the trilogy mixed together = EPIC


I have't read the comic "Days of Future Past". Will work on that soon I promise. But I did see the way it was adapted in the 90's animated show. But that was years ago so I don't remember too much [have to re-watch that show, and X-Men Evolution, and finish Wolverine and the X-Men]. So I don't know how much justice was done to the comic. But the movie as what it is, an X-Men movie from Fox Studios, was great. It was emotional. It was complex without being complicated or convoluted. All the main actors gave it their all. Great story, script, visuals, and performances. So many memorable scenes. Evan Peters stole the show with his performance as Quicksilver. There was a nice nod to Magneto possibly being his dad in this universe as well. I am curious to see how Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are writtena nd portrayed in next summer's Avengers: Age of Ultron. That scene when Logan, Xavier, and Quicksilver enter the Pentagon to get Magneto was amazing. The scene when he is running on the walls and messing with the cops is very memorable.

Quicksilver in action!

So yeah, awesome movie. It's not perfect, things can be nitpicked. But that's not what this article is for. Great movie! seeing the original actors alongside the younger versions from First Class was great. And now that we witnessed the now fixed present time of the X-Men, I really really really wanna see an X-Men 4! Logan, Jean, Scott, Storm, Prof. X, Kitty, Colossus, etc, MAKE IT HAPPEN FOX!!!

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