Saturday, June 7, 2014

djtitoflow's movie show intro

I will be entering the realm of movie related videos and this is the intro that will appear at the beginning of all my movie videos (reviews, discussions, retrospectives, coverage of live events, etc). This intro has footage from Star Trek First Contact, Ninja Turtles 2 Secret of the Ooze, Batman 1989, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Batman Begins, Star Wars Saga, Jurassic Park, X2 X-Men United, Batman Returns, Superman the Movie, Spiderman 2, and TMNT 2007.

Title Card-Poster I made in photoshop for the movie show

Here's the video. the article continues below the embedded video. It's a breakdown of all the shots and their respective movie sources.

First Few episodes

The first two episodes are probably gonna be about X-Men and Ghostbusters. The xmen video is a Q & A about Days of Future Past. I filmed a bit of the Q & A that followed the movie at the Arclight screening I went to. And the next video will probably be about the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art Exhibition at Gallery 88.

poster for the X-MEN video

Getting to know Slimer at the Ghostbuster's art gallery

Movie Show Intro Breakdown

Here are the most of the different shots in the movie show intro. thanks for reading the post. hope you enjoy the upcoming videos and hope you stay tuned to my youtube channel, and my blogger. please subscribe. enjoy this series of cool movie photos! take care everyone!

 Picard from "First Contact"

 Dramatic scene from "Secret of the Ooze"

 Empire Strikes Back. son vs father!

 Michael Keaton-Batman

 The Shredder still lives!


 Indy! the original, "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Doc and Marty! Back to the Future

 Ecto-1! Ghostbusters!

 Batman Begins

 Empire Strikes Back!

 Return of the Jedi!

 Yoda, Revenge of the Sith

 Wolverine in X2

 T-REX! Jurassic Park!

 Keaton! Bruce Wayne! Batman Returns!

 Batman Returns!

 The immortal Christopher Reeves! Superman! 

 Spidey! from Spiderman 2!

Raph in 2007's TMNT movie

Stay Tuned! 
Many Movie related videos coming soon.
TV and Toy videos will also start to appear later this year.
Videogame videos will continues to be made, many many coming this year!
Lets not forget the short films, comedy videos, parodies, etc. 
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Take Care Everyone!

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