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"Four Brothers" - A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Poem

The following poem is about our favorite crime fighting reptiles, and just in time for the release of the Ninja Turtles 2014 movie trailer. It was inspired by the plot of the 2007 movie "TMNT". A longer explanation is given after the poem. This poem was written for my most recent English Class. The paragraphs below the poem answer the question, "Why is poetry the best way to express your message/subject matter?" See my Star Trek Poem within the Galileo 7 Article here.

The inspiration for this poem, the awesome 2007 movie "TMNT"

Poem Name: Four Brothers
Writer: Robert Lay

We were four, now we are three
The leaves have fallen from our family tree
Our father he lives in his thoughts
Always thinking of the boy we have all lost 

The lair just isn’t the same
Years before life was always a game
Now everything is simply lame
Will things always be the same? 

The walls are oozing
Our hearts are crying
The feelings are sharp
The pain is hard 

The walls they speak to me
They sing of the adventures we used to have
And the mighty warriors we used to be
Even Lady Liberty begins to sing
Of epic tales of brothers and kin 

The loss is tremendous
We miss our brother, our friend
The sadness is like a dimension of darkness
This dimension X is heartless
But we must move on, for the good of the masses 

One day he will return
And the pain will no longer burn
One day he will return
Because we have all sworn
To protect the good and defend the weak
One day he will return
And shall be four once more

The original movie. so awesome!!!


I think poetry is a great way to convey feelings and emotions, and it is also good for telling stories. What I wanted to do with this poem was convey the emotion of sadness and longing. I wanted to tell a story of a family that misses one of its members. The feelings they are experiencing are: sadness, pain, and loneliness. Through this poem I was able to convey how these brothers felt during a period of time that their family was not whole. This poem was inspired by one of my favorite comic book, TV, and movie franchises. The poem is about the Ninja Turtles; the poem’s subject matter is about three of the turtles missing the fourth turtle. The 2007 movie, “TMNT”, was the direct inspiration for this poem.

Nostalgia. The 80's show! COWABUNGA 4 LIFE!

I decided to write the turtles into the poem in a subtle way. Only people who are familiar with the franchise would decipher the poem and know what it’s truly about. But it also works for anyone, because the feeling of sadness is universal. The subject matter is about an incomplete family. That central element remains true regardless of whether you are a fan of the turtles or not. We have all had friends and family move away. We have all felt sadness, loneliness, and emptiness at some point in our lives. So everyone can identify with the poem. And there was no better way to convey these universal themes than through poetry. Poetry is emotional, it’s lyrical, and it’s something amazing.  The message gets to people in a more emotional way through poetry, and the message is that family is everything. We all feel emotions when it comes to family. Emotions are what make us human, and emotions are what make our beloved Ninja Turtles human as well.

The 2003-2009 show. My favorite animated TMNT series. incredibly well done!

The new Nick show is quite good. I was pleasantly surprised! BOOYAKASHA!


I hope everyone enjoyed the poem. I'm no poet guys! I did the best I could. I hope it at least amuses everyone. I had a lot of fun writing it. I always enjoy taking advantage of school assignments and using them to unleash my inner geek. I love the TMNT franchise, and this was a way of me paying tribute to this awesome universe. To see the Star Trek poem and the Galileo 7 I made during Senior Year, follow this Link. There are other articles in this page like Reviews, and so much more. Star Trek, DC Comics, Rankin/Bass, and much more. subscribe to my blogger if you enjoy this post. Check out my youtube and my google plus. follow me on twitter. thank for reading! and long live the TURTLES!!!

The Mirage comics.. where it all started!

Thanks for reading!

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