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Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie Trailer - My Reaction and Analysis

It finally hit; the trailer for the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has finally arrived. I have been waiting a long time for this trailer. I was anxious to see it, and I was also dreading it. I have a lot of worries about this movie, and I am not betting any money on it being "Bodacious" or "Totally Rad". With that said, I did enjoy the trailer. There are some good things in there, and it's not as bad as I though it would be. I'm gonna give my thoughts on the trailer, and I will look back and everything that has led to this moment. Lets begin!

Here's the trailer. just in case here's some options: IGN TMNT movie clips

My Reaction to the Trailer:

The trailer shows Michael Bay's influence as a producer. There's some building exploding, a lot of actions, and lots of CG. I am worried about that. Michael Bay makes fun movies, but that doesn't make them good. Honestly, I liked the original Transformers. The quality of the second one however.... horrible. Third one was mediocre at best. But Bay aside, lets get back to the trailer.

 oh boy...

Bay and his explosions

The Turtles looked okay in action. They looked pretty bad in those leaked pictures, the kids costume, the poster, etc. But they look OK in the trailer. Mickey looked very weird when he took off his mask. Mickey looked a bit too human. Those nostrils are a bit freaky. I think with time we will get used to the new designs, but that won't stop them from looking weird. I did like the shot with Leo when he's in front of April; Leo looks intense. The snow sequence was pretty cool. The question is, "Will the movie be overloaded with bloated action sequences?" I hope not, but then again this is a Michael Bay produced movie.

 not half that bad

Now that is weird. April, I understand why you fainted!

I miss these guys so much. Jim Henson Turtles for the win!!

William Fichtner seems like a good villain. I am still bummed out that they changed the Shredder so much. Gone is the old rivalry between Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi. The intertwined past of both Japanese Warriors is an important element of the TMNT Mythology. I at least hope there's something in there that hearkens back to that backstory. One shot has Shredder and April standing in front of a mural. There are Samurai Warriors in the painting, I think. Maybe there was a Shredder in Japan centuries ago. The shot where Fichtner is in front of the Shredder mask was a good moment.

2003 Shredder for the win! 

 Oroku Saki in the 2003 series. We won't be getting Saki as Shredder in the new movie!

Saki vs Hamato Yoshi, Nickelodeon series

This shot makes me wonder.. 

Great moment!

There is only one shot with Will Arnett in it. I am pumped to see his performance. He was great in Arrested Development. I look forward to seeing how Arnett plays Vernon Fenwick.

Will Arnett as Vernon

April and Vernon. Arnett's only appearance in the trailer

What can we say about April O'Neil and Megan Fox as said character. Nothing really. April doesn't say a single line in the trailer. Most of the time we hear a voice over from Shredder, and a few words from the Turtles. Megan Fox spends most of the trailer looking and staring. Sometimes we see April filming stuff, and at the end she faints when she sees Mickey. I love it every time they repeat that event in different TMNT incarnations. I hope mickey says, "Can we keep here?" It's a funny line. But yeah, I don't know what to think about Megan Fox yet. I am willing to give her a chance. I have only seen her in the Transformers movies. She didn't impress me in those movies, but she was not a disaster. She needs to step up. April is supposed to be like-able, spunky, brave, and intense. Basically, she's a tough character to play. Both Judith Hoag and Paige Turco were great Aprils. They both were likable, and had great chemistry with the Turtles. All of the animated shows and movies have great actresses as well (like Sarah Michelle Gellar in 2007's TMNT movie). I'm hoping Fox does well, cause we need a good April O'Neil. The movie will not work if the Turtles' human friend/sister figure doesn't work. At least they are making a nice reference to the 80's by having April in Yellow.

Megan Fox as April

recent promotional picture. April filming.

One of the things that most bothers me is that the Foot Soldiers are now carrying guns. They are no longer ninjas. The Foot seem to be a mercenary group. Shredder has also been stripped of the ninja element. It could work; I am open minded to the changes to the villains (as muck as it irks me right now). The change to the turtle's origin didn't bother me as much as the changes to the Foot. The turtle's origin is always tweaked a bit. The origin of the Ooze, or Mutagen, has been changed a lot. The Nick show revealed that the Ooze is extracted from giant worms from Dimension X. That's right, Giant worms! April's father and Shredder having a history could be interesting, but it's not necessary at all.

 Set pics. Foot Soldiers. They are literally Soldiers. Not ninjas anymore.

 Set pics, Foot Soldiers.

Those are some weird masks they are wearing.

Now that's a Foot Ninja!

Tatsu: "Foot Ninja, ATTACK!!!"

The trailer underwhelmed me. But I still believe we could be in for a surprise. I'm trying to be neutral. I don't wanna be completely pessimistic because I may end up liking it. I also don't want to be too optimistic because I will probably be disappointed. I do want to mention that the darker tone of the trailer works for me. One of the things I loved about the original movie is the darker tone. Even with all the silly moments, the original movie was still intense. And we can't forget how dark the original comics were. The 2003 series was great because it was intense, smart, dark at times, and still fun. TMNT needs to be both fun and intense. I want it to take itself seriously... but to a certain point. The current nick show veers towards the comedy side of things and it's less intense than the 2003 series. However, the nick show is still awesome. It has intense moments, the characters are interesting, and the backstory between Shredder and Splinter is AMAZING! So yeah, we have room for different "tones" among different tmnt incarnations. But they can't go too comedic or too dark. There is something called an in between! I think the 2003 series hit that sweet spot pretty well!

Some sites have mentioned that the trailer has a Transformers vibe to it (I agree). And my brother mentioned that the trailer looked like most action movies of the last few years (I also agree). I hope the movie has more personality than what the trailer shows. It needs to be its own thing; It can't be transformers but with Turtles instead of Autobots.

The Road so Far:

I wanna go back and look at some of the things that have happened so far in regards to this movie (Set pics, rumors, The turtle design controversy, etc). 

poster. New logo! "Teenage Mutant" is quite small. Originally the movie was gonna be called just
"Ninja Turtles". I would not have minded that.

I still remember how crazy the internet got when Michael Bays' involvement was revealed to the world. Things got worse when a script leaked. That initial script had Casey as the main characters, the Turtles were aliens, there was a Colonel Shradder, and a bunch of other crazy stuff. Thank god that mess was thrown out the window. But it remains to be seen if the script they ended up using was any better than that leaked script. And as you can see from the trailer, many elements from the leaked script made it into the movie [No Oroku Saki, and Foot Soldiers instead of Foot Ninjas). 


Megan Fox's role was revealed to the world through to a tweet from Michael Bay. The tweet said, "TMNT: We are bringing Megan Fox back into the family." Everyone went crazy; I didn't over-react. I'm still willing to give her a chance, but there are many actresses better qualified for the role. names that come to my mind are: Yvonne Strahovski, Cobie Smulders, Erica Durance, Kristen Bell, etc. I wanted an actress known more for TV work than Movies. If they wanted a a more "famous" actress then maybe Rachel McAdams. If Kevin Munroe, director of 2007's TMNT, had directed a live action movie then it might have been Sarah Michelle Gellar as April and Chris Evans as Casey (both of whom voiced those character in 2007). Nice casting choices Kevin Munroe! The list goes on; I could names dozens of actresses I would have liked as April. But lets not hate on Fox... at least not until the movie comes out.

Most leaked set pics are of Megan Fox.

Megan Fox as April and Will Arnett as Vernon Fenwick (April's Cameraman)

Many set pics have been leaked overtime. Most of the leaked pics involve Megan Fox. Will Arnett eventually showed up in pics. The actors who play the Turtles were eventually seen in their Motion Capture outfits. Alan Richtson [Smallville's Aquaman!!] was seen with Megan Fox. Alan plays Raphael. One amusing set of pictures had Raphael wearing a Trench Coat, and he looked huge standing next to Megan Fox. Foot soldiers were seen carrying the turtles away. And everyone was weirded out by the new Foot designs. Whoopi Goldberg eventually made her way into leaked set pictures. The Turtle Van was revealed, and it looks awesome. The Turtle Lair has also leaked.

Is Raph walking around New York in broad day light?

 He is huge! and trench coat, classic!

Dude is huge!

captured turtles!

Foot soldiers have the turtles!

Whoopi on set!

My favorite will always be the 2003 "Battle Shell", and I like the Nick's "Shell Raiser.
But this is also pretty cool. Now where is the Turtle Blimp [just kidding!]?

Why do the Turtles love looking at so many screens at the same time?

The biggest leak was the look of the Turtles. First it was a picture of a Michelangelo Halloween costume. Then came some maquettes and some Shredder concept art. The best look we got was a poster (from Toy Fair I think). And pictures of the Movie toys were leaked as well. The trailer was shown at Cinemacon, and was introduced by Arnett.

creepy costume! 

amusing pic I found online!

 If i see someone with that mickey costume this Halloween... I will faint as well. Feel no shame April!

 This costume will make no one faint. Nickelodeon's Mickey!

Leaked picture, Leo Maquette 

Leaked pic, Donnie 

Shredder Concept Art

Poster at ToyFair 2014 

2014 Movie Toys


I love the original movie a lot! It was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Hell, it's still one of my favorite movies ever. I even enjoy the sequels (guilty pleasures I guess). And 2007's TMNT was amazing. The 2009 Turtles Forever TV movie was also incredible. So I will be very disappointed if the new one sucks. I have been wanting a new Turtles movie since I saw TMNT in 2007. And I have wanted a live action movie for even longer. 


Turtles Forever! long live the TMNT multiverse!

Also, it's so sad TMNT didn't get a sequel. I wanted to see the Shredder return and fight the 2007 Turtles. 

TMNT 2007

But let's see what happens; Im open minded. I will judge it when I see it in August. But I can't help it; I have a feeling that this will not be the turtles movie that we fans deserve.

 Mickey and me. Photoshopped picture. from my video "Random Stop Motion 3"

From "Random Stop Motion 3. I met the turtles!

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follow the franchise through the TMNT official facebook page, mainly covers the nickelodeon show. follow the movie at the movie's official facebook, youtube, googleplus, twitter, and the website.

Random StopMotion 3:

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See you next time Turtles fans! 


Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Four Brothers" - A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Poem

The following poem is about our favorite crime fighting reptiles, and just in time for the release of the Ninja Turtles 2014 movie trailer. It was inspired by the plot of the 2007 movie "TMNT". A longer explanation is given after the poem. This poem was written for my most recent English Class. The paragraphs below the poem answer the question, "Why is poetry the best way to express your message/subject matter?" See my Star Trek Poem within the Galileo 7 Article here.

The inspiration for this poem, the awesome 2007 movie "TMNT"

Poem Name: Four Brothers
Writer: Robert Lay

We were four, now we are three
The leaves have fallen from our family tree
Our father he lives in his thoughts
Always thinking of the boy we have all lost 

The lair just isn’t the same
Years before life was always a game
Now everything is simply lame
Will things always be the same? 

The walls are oozing
Our hearts are crying
The feelings are sharp
The pain is hard 

The walls they speak to me
They sing of the adventures we used to have
And the mighty warriors we used to be
Even Lady Liberty begins to sing
Of epic tales of brothers and kin 

The loss is tremendous
We miss our brother, our friend
The sadness is like a dimension of darkness
This dimension X is heartless
But we must move on, for the good of the masses 

One day he will return
And the pain will no longer burn
One day he will return
Because we have all sworn
To protect the good and defend the weak
One day he will return
And shall be four once more

The original movie. so awesome!!!


I think poetry is a great way to convey feelings and emotions, and it is also good for telling stories. What I wanted to do with this poem was convey the emotion of sadness and longing. I wanted to tell a story of a family that misses one of its members. The feelings they are experiencing are: sadness, pain, and loneliness. Through this poem I was able to convey how these brothers felt during a period of time that their family was not whole. This poem was inspired by one of my favorite comic book, TV, and movie franchises. The poem is about the Ninja Turtles; the poem’s subject matter is about three of the turtles missing the fourth turtle. The 2007 movie, “TMNT”, was the direct inspiration for this poem.

Nostalgia. The 80's show! COWABUNGA 4 LIFE!

I decided to write the turtles into the poem in a subtle way. Only people who are familiar with the franchise would decipher the poem and know what it’s truly about. But it also works for anyone, because the feeling of sadness is universal. The subject matter is about an incomplete family. That central element remains true regardless of whether you are a fan of the turtles or not. We have all had friends and family move away. We have all felt sadness, loneliness, and emptiness at some point in our lives. So everyone can identify with the poem. And there was no better way to convey these universal themes than through poetry. Poetry is emotional, it’s lyrical, and it’s something amazing.  The message gets to people in a more emotional way through poetry, and the message is that family is everything. We all feel emotions when it comes to family. Emotions are what make us human, and emotions are what make our beloved Ninja Turtles human as well.

The 2003-2009 show. My favorite animated TMNT series. incredibly well done!

The new Nick show is quite good. I was pleasantly surprised! BOOYAKASHA!


I hope everyone enjoyed the poem. I'm no poet guys! I did the best I could. I hope it at least amuses everyone. I had a lot of fun writing it. I always enjoy taking advantage of school assignments and using them to unleash my inner geek. I love the TMNT franchise, and this was a way of me paying tribute to this awesome universe. To see the Star Trek poem and the Galileo 7 I made during Senior Year, follow this Link. There are other articles in this page like Reviews, and so much more. Star Trek, DC Comics, Rankin/Bass, and much more. subscribe to my blogger if you enjoy this post. Check out my youtube and my google plus. follow me on twitter. thank for reading! and long live the TURTLES!!!

The Mirage comics.. where it all started!

Thanks for reading!