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Nintendo 3DS XL Black - Unboxing Discussion Review

The Nintendo 3DS was revealed by Nintendo at E3 2010, and then arrived februry of 2011. the 3DS has become an amazing handheld. with 3d that works without the need of glasses, and an amazing library of games. which comes as no surprise to us nintendo handheld fans.

Today were gonna be un-boxing the 3DS XL black. and then we will be discussing the sistem's features, the epic software library, and why this is the perfect time to own a Nintendo 3DS. 

[follow the embedded video below or this link to see the VIDEO of my 3DS XL unboxing-discussion. the written article continues below the video]

The moment when the 3DS was revealed at E3 was amazing. a cool montage was shown on stage with reggie, shigeru miyamoto, and satoru iwata acting in it. I fondly remember watching all this live at G4 many years ago. E3 is a big moment for me every year, and to many gamers around the world. Hope Nintendo does a conference again, I miss them having a strong E3 presence!

E3 reveal. quite amusing!

3DS in my hand


I got my 3DS a few weeks ago. along with an amazon basics case, and mario 3d land, pilotwings resort. and even aliens infestation for the DS. and later on I got pokemon Y

about to open my new XL and mario and pilotwings

That day I got Mario 3d land, Pilotwings, and the DS game Aliens Infestation

Ive put many hours into these two already

As you can see The 3D comes in a nice and simple box. its hardboard and not a big deal, but still worth keeping. I still have my DSi box. These are all cool things that one day you will appreciate that you kept them.

nice elegant packaging

the amazon basics carrying case

but anyway, when you open up the box the first thing you will see is the sistem itself. followed by manuals and interactions and what not. later on you will find the charger as well. Now the sistem itself looks amazing. its all black, very sleek, very nice color. and while i don't mind having handhelds of shinier colors, i prefer black now. its simple and elegant.

after I opened it up. The Black 3DS XL!

promotional picture of the 3DS XL Black

[why you should own a 3DS!]


The system is amazing. And the 3D actually works, although not in every game. Some games suffer with drop in resolution, that happens when 3d mode is turned up high. But certain games like Mario 3D land don't suffer from graphical dip, and have real depth, and sometimes things seem to almost pop out of the screen. But sadly not too many developers take the 3D into account when designing the games. But when 3d is taken seriously, it really does work.

mario pops out. The 3D isnt like this, but still its fun E3 Video

Mario 3D Land is the bext example of 3D done right on the 3DS handheld

Apps, online features, etc:

There are some cool bonus features to the sistem, like the AR games. They can be fun. one cool game, that utilizes the camera is faceraiders. I have fun taking pics of my friends, and later blasting their faces away in virtual reality. cause, why the hell not!


AR Virtual Reality Cards

The 3DS has improved its online features by adding MiiVerse [created originally for Wii U]. With it you can share pictures, read all sorts of posts and info from other users. the Nintendo Network has also arrived, and can now have 3DS and Wii U synched. For example your nintendo points for buying stuff can now be shared between handheld and console. and of course u can add friends and play with them online. but dang it those friend codes!! at least now u can add your friends by using the wifi, if their in the room there with you.  

miiverse and nintendo network logos

E-Shop and Virtual Console: 

I think now, almost 3 years after its release, its the perfect time to own the system. Because of the games of course. The E shop comes to mind. and the system comes with an SD Card which can hold a lot of virtual console games. new 3DS games will take up a lot more space. But I recommend you buy new games in cartridge form. We gotta keep old school game collecting alive. support cartridges and discs as much as possible. theres nothing like holding a game in your hand, that new game smell, reading the booklet, putting the game on a shelf, etc. But still, take advantage of the virtual console. I've already downloaded Mario Land, Mario Land 2, Megaman, Links Awakening, Kirby's dream land, Super C, and Sonic the hedgehog 3D. So yeah, thanks to the eshop, virtual console, and the regular 3ds games, the library of games keeps growing and growing and growing.

play some classic games!!

30-40 dollar games: 

Its a long list of games, but I will mention as many as I can. here we go:

Super Mario 3D Land
New Super Mario Bros 2
Mario Kart 7
Zelda Link Between Worlds
Paper Mario sticker star saga
Mario and Luigi dream team
Pilotwings Resort
Pokemon X & Y
Kid Icarus Uprising
Mario Party 3DS
Fire Emblem
Castlevania mirror of fate
Resident Evil Revelations

and there have been two remakes, "Ocarina of Time" and "StarFox 64". And there are many games coming in 2014, like a new kirby, yoshis new island, smash bros, and lets see what they reveal at E3! but I think its time Nintendo gave some love to Wave race, F-zero, pilotwings, star fox, punch out, etc etc.

many franchises have arrived with new installments, ports, and remakes on 3DS

DS Backwards Compatibility:

and we cant forget that the system is backwards compatible with the DS. so you can play games like Mario 64 ds, and the metroid-vanias, Contra 4, and much more. and thanks to the e shop were getting Game boy and Gameboy color games. and GBA games will happen eventually. hopefully sooner than later.

so many games in the DS library. these are just a few examples

Super Mario 3D Land:

I would like to quickly talk about the games I have gotten to play. I already talked a little bit about Mario 3D Land, and how the 3D works. But i have to add that the game is gorgeous. the graphics and art style are what you would expect from a 3D Mario game. So gorgeous and colorful. The gameplay is tight. I'm not gonna lie and say its innovative. And it isn't as memorable or as the groundbreaking Mario 64, or as challening as Mario Sunshine. But its a very fun game. and deserves to stand alongside the other Mario 3D titles. And it will remind you of Galaxy, in terms of the fast paced gameplay [its a 3d mario game, but with a super mario bros 3 mentality in terms of gameplay]. I can't recommend it enough. As far as im concerned, if you own a 3DS, you gotta play this game. Its mario! Great reviews. Fun game. what else do I need to say!

cool box art

gorgeous game!

Pilotwings Resort:

Pilotwings Resort is surprisingly good. I went in pessimistic, but i have enjoyed it. Sadly it doesn't have the charm of its predecessors, thanks mainly to the use of Wii Sport Wuhu Island, and unimpressive graphics and art style. It makes it feel cheap at times. But its not completely devoid of charm, and it is a pretty game. And it is very fun, the controls are tight. gameplay is good. and it is challenging. I recommend it to any fan of the series, and of flight games in general. And to pretty much anyone, considering how low priced it is now and how entertaining it can be. Its a cool game, and the series needs more attention. Please give it a shot. And while your at it check out our pilotwings snes review by clicking here


rocketbelt! and there are many more vehicles to play!


I have pokemon Y, but I havent played it yet. I will have to talk about that game later on in a future blog post and video. But I look forward to playing it. I haven't played pokemon in years, so I'm pumped!

X and Y

Pikachu forever! PIKA PIKA!


The 3DS is an amazing handheld. and its the device to get! PS4 and Xbox One are new and there aren't that many games out yet. Its best to wait a year or two, that way you avoid the bugs and errors of the launch consoles. And you can take advantage of price drops. I recommend a 3DS right now, or a Wii U [great games like Wind Waker HD, Mario 3D World, Mario Bros U, Pikmin 3, and many coming in 2014 like Smash, Yoshi Yarn, Mario Kart, DK Country, etc]. Support nintendo in 2014! play mario, zelda, etc. Relive your childhoods! and enjoy all the great things the 3DS has to offer, like 3D, touch screen, dual screens, e shop and virtual consoles, online play, great games, and so much more.

poster for the video!

Thanks to everyone reading! as always, it means a lot! Hope you guys follow the link to the video unboxing-discussion at my youtube channel. and check out my previous videos, like the contra review, pilotwings review, wind waker hd unboxing, and much more. and all the previous blog posts here at this blogger! thanks everyone! 

some of my previous videos!

Thanks for reading/watching! take care! and keep on gaming! enjoy the new year everyone! may 2014 be awesome, and filled with great gaming moments!

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