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Pilotwings SNES - Review

This is a written review of The 1991 Super Nintendo classic- Pilotwings. the video review I also made is embedded below, but its best viewed by following the link to youtube instead of watching the embedded video here. the article continues below the video.


Pilotwings was released in 1991 in North America as a snes launch title, and its basically a simplified flight simulator. and its fun as hell! and challenging. I still don't understand how so many people have overlooked this game over the years. its an amazing game, and I will explain why in this review! also, why do so many people ignore wave race, punch out, f-zero, etc, as well!!

more credits include: produced by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, developed by Tadashi Sugiyama. and music my Soya Oka, and the famous Koji Kondo [they appear in left to right on the image below]


The game is mainly divided in four gameplay styles, due to the 4 main vehicles you use in the game. theres a Light Plane, Sky-diving, Rocketbelt, and a Hang-glider.

and the game has you going to a flight club where you learn from 4 instructors [Tony, Shirley, Lance, and Big Al] as you get certificates and grow as a pilot.

there are 4 normal rounds [each with 2-4 vehicular stages], then a special helicopter rescue mission. then the harder levels are unlocked. Their really cool visually, as some are at night, theres snow, red skies, and much more. 4 hard rounds and another helicopter level. theres also bonus content like the unlockable birdman and penguin stages. it all depends on where you land, to open these weird stages. even more bonus stages in the N64 sequel.


(going though rings = fun!!!)

The biplane levels have you going though rings or passing through dots or arches and then landing. landing can be difficult at times. the plane levels are challenging, but they get easier with time. the plane moves very slowly, but their still fun levels. 

(night-time levels look really cool. and are higher in difficulty)


(snow!! going through rings! lots of rings in this game)

Skydiving has you going way up, and then going down really fast. you have to go through rings, and then you are alerted to land. its controls well, and its fun going down and being precise and dealing with the way you aim your body. aim and move correctly while up in the air and you will get all rings! its fun. skydiving in real life however might give me a heart-attack.

(parachute has successfully opened!)


(Rocketbelt for the win)

My favorite, cause jet-packs! hell yeah! you control a pilot with a rocket-belt on his back. you go though rings, dots, etc, and then are prompted to land. the controls here are really fun. its fast, tight, and easy to use. I find this to be the most fun part in the game. you have more control over this character than other vehicles. and the theme song is awesome.

(land in the dark! don't drown!!)


(theres a ring there. you know what to do!!)

My least favorite part, but still cool. its the slowest and clunkiest aerial vehicle. really slow. you need to pass though an air current that takes you high up. once you reach a certain height, you are permitted to land. I always have problems landing here. i find these segments kinda boring, but its not completely un-fun. still cool.

(beautiful background. the game is gorgeous!)


As I mentioned in the gameplay sections, theres helicopter missions where you destroy armed turrets and rescue the instructors who where kidnapped by an evil organization. these levels are really fun. and you get to shoot stuff. the shoting segments in the N64 game were fun too, the gyrocopter. 
lets not forget weird oddities like the birdman and penguin!

(harder levels)

(gooo! get to the choppah!!!)




I had G-Troche play the game for the first time recently. he did not grow up with the game, has no nostalgia for it, nothing affecting his judgement. and he enjoyed the game. he believes is difficult [at first] and has a steep learning curve, but that once you play it enough times you will have more fun and will eventually love the game. 

(troche liked pilotwings!!)

In my case, i've been playing since I was a kid. its tradition for me to play this game with my brother on most trips he takes back home. I always have fun playing. the game means a lot to me. its something I share with my brother. and since earlier this year, its now something I share with my buddy troche. I hope to share fond memories of playing pilot-wings with more friends and family as the years pass. 

(pilotwings never gets old for me. I LOVE IT!!)


the game has aged in some areas, but for the most part holds up well. the game has a lot of charm. the mode 7 graphics may look dated, but they look cool and give the game its distinctive look. the music is amazing, really memorable themes for all the vehicles, the menus, the rewards, everything in the game has a theme. and the game is fun and challenging. people really need to play this game. it deserves more love and attention than it gets from most gamers. and nintendo itself need to give this franchise more love. only 3 games in the series. 3 games over 22 years. WE NEED MORE PILOTWINGS! if you havent played the game, then your in luck. both the Wii and WiiU virtual consoles games have pilotwings. and finding the cartridges online isn't that difficult or expensive. if you get the game and play it, you wont regret it!

(we need more sequels)

for now we can look forward to the Smash Bros Wii U pilotwings stage. and hope for a sequel!! lets keep hoping, praying, and wishing for one!

(Smash Bros WiiU)

(cant wait!)

if you enjoyed the review, please check out the video review at my djtitoflow youtube profile. it has even more content than this article. lots of nostalgia in that video! like the video. subscribe to the youtube channel. and sub to my blogger as well. thanks for reading/watching!

(my video game videos.. so far. more to come!)

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