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Smallville Lazarus - Season Premiere Review

After months of agonizing waiting its finally here: the smallville season 10 premiere. Sadly the final season premiere. But lets not focus on that right now for emotional reasons! And its been years since I wrote a smallville review [the season 8 premiere, my one and only episode review]. But I’m here, and I’m planning on reviewing every new episode. Eventually I might also do retro reviews of previous seasons and individual episodes, and maybe even some smallville videos, but this is all a MAYBE for now, so lets focus on this season. So here we go, my review of Lazarus:

Clark (Tom Welling) arriving at the field where he was has "crucified" 9 years earlier

Quick Summary:

Last season finale ZOD and Clark had an intense [albeit superpower-less] fight that ended with Clark plummeting towards the ground, with a blue kryptonite dagger lunged into his gut by everyone’s favorite Angry Kryptonian General. This season premiere begins with Lois taking the knife out, giving Clark a second chance at life. All this after Clark has a near death experience of course. Oliver is taken and tortured by the Suicide Squad, who then switches him with Chloe letting him go and keeping her captured. Tess awakens in Cadmus labs, where Lex’s clones are kept. She ends up taking the youngest clone [and possibly the only one left alive] with her to the mansion.

Promo shot of Lois (Erica Durance) from Lazarus

And Lois ends up leaving to Africa, after Clark saves her from the Clone Lex’s “sadistic choice” test. Save Lois or save the people on the streets of Metropolis [and Clark saves everyone including Lois, hell yes!!].

Clark in between two realms of existence

Lex Luthor Discussion:

Clone Lex point out Clark's pride; he wears it on his chest

First thing I wanna discuss: Lex’s return to smallville. The aging clone tells Clark that the “creator” died in an explosion two years back. That would mean that Lex did actually die in the season 8 episode “Requiem” when Oliver blew Lex’s truck using one of Toyman’s bombs. If this is the case then the real Lex [or the original Lex if you prefer it that way] is dead. And when Lex “really” returns later this year it will be a successfully made Clone [played by Michael rosenbaum… I hope].

Tess and Alexander, this is gonna end badly!

I think young Alexander might be the future lex. He’s going to start aging fast, Lex’s memories will kick in, and he might even kill Tess. But this is just a theory. And I personally would prefer it if Lex was actually alive because a clone is a clone, its not the real thing [Although the whole Major Zod and the kandorian clones storyline was EPIC last year!!]. And the real Lex might be alive because Clark saw Lex during his near death experience while he was in a realm between Earth and the hereafter. So that means that Lex is holding on to dear life, not yet dead, but so damaged that he already has one foot in the afterlife.

Geeking Out - The Most Epic Moments

John Schneider returns to Smallville!

Jonathan Kent returned. I wanted more, but what I got was indeed epic. It reminded me of how missed and needed this character is, and how great and quotable his lines always are. I can’t wait to see more of John Schneider this year

Kent father-son reunion

And Clark catching the globe was a great scene. The CGI was a bit crude, especially the lack of details of the street below. The birds eye view shots don’t match with the metropolis street set we see [when Clark is running through the street and then jumps]. But its still a great scene, and we have to consider the limited budget the show runs on since the eight season.

Clark putting the fire out with his super speed

And they have done an admirable job of using the money and making the show look pretty good. And they learn how to better manage it every year [or they get a small increase every year].The ninth season looked and felt bigger than eight. hopefully 10 will be bigger than 9 this year [it needs to be if their gonna do darkseid, so the CW better open up their wallets!!].

Clark catches the Daily Planet Globe!


And speaking of Darkseid, the most epic shot of the show: The black mist turning into the shape of Darkseid. At first I was afraid of Darkseid in season 10, considering their low budget and how complex a story “the new gods” is, but I’m optimistic now. Lets hope when he shows up for real the costume and make up looks good and as similar as they can make it to what we know from the comics and the classic 90’s animated series.

Darkseid's Spirit!

On that note I add that I love the DC animated universe [It’s what made me into a huge DC fan], and the Darkseid arcs were some of the best stories in those Bruce Timm-Paul Dini shows! And Michael Ironside’s voice over was indeed 100% Darkseid! So I hope they write, present, and cast the character right in Smallville. PLEASE!!!!

Darkseid as seen in Justice League Season Two

Now onto the Suicide Squad. Seeing Rick Flag of the Suicide Squad torturing Oliver was brutal. Reminded me of “Lethal Weapon” when Mel Gibson is being electrocuted. I cant wait to see more of the team [Deadshot next week!!] and I’m curious to see if Amanda Waller will return this year [because she can’t be dead, that’s ridiculous]. Oh and one of my favorite scenes was the montage near the end. Which brings me to another segment.

Music and Score:

I loved the montage scene that came right before the Jonathan and Clark dialogue. I’m a sucker for montages! I myself make a crapload of them for a web series I make called “djtitoflow crimefighter”. [click on the title of the show to go to my facebook group, and here to go to my youtube profile]. For this scene they used all the main characters, and really tugged at our heart strings. I especially loved the shot of Alexander’s toy soldier burning in the fireplace. I think this is a sign that the Tess-Alexander relationship is doomed to fail. And the song worked great. Vast’s “One more day”, used once before in season 7 when Lana is in a coma because of Brainiac’s attack on her [Veritas Episode]. The song might be too sappy for most people, but I enjoyed it. Songs like this have always worked well for Smallville’s more emotional scenes. Guilty pleasures galore!! Im guilty!!! And there was a lack of montages like this last year in season 9, but season 8 and previous years had many great ones. Think episodes like: Bride, Requiem, and Turbulence in Season 8. Hopefully that will be the case this year [many well made montages, and good use of licensed songs].

Todays Smallville featured music by: Vast
[remember when the CW use to do this at end of each episode?]

And the score for this episode: great as usual. Louis Febre is a great composer. Mark Snow was better but Febre is indeed great. And who could forget his theme for the JSA in “Absolute Justice”. Everytime I see the flashback scene where Clark is looking at the painting all the hairs in my hands stand up.

Smallville composers: Mark Snow and current composer Louis Febre


Lois in Africa, Clark in Kansas... just for an episode.

Okay now for the romance stuff [yes I am a sucker for the soapy stuff]. The scene where Lois tricks clark into super speeding in front of her while she looked for her pen was fun. And messing with Clark’s emotions while she described her kiss with the blur was hilarious.

Unlike Clark and Lana, these two are actually a fun couple to watch on screen

I can’t wait to see what else Lois does when she returns to metropolis from Africa. But I am hoping she tells Clark the truth sooner than later, but I know I’ll enjoy the dynamic set up in this episode of both of them lying to each other while it lasts.

Finally some scenes at the actual farm!! not seen since Kandor last year!

Closing Comments:

EPIC!! The groundwork for the season has been laid here, and it looks very strong and stable. I have to say last year’s premiere was probably better, I think it had better narrative and structure because it didn’t have so many storylines going on at the same time. And there was a real villain there [ZOD], not a mist that references the villain [Darkseid].And the episode does have some inconsistencies [not unusual to this series]. Like when the octagonal disc sends Clark to the fortress, without being inserted into the cave walls! But whatever the episode is great anyway. I wish the clone was Mike rosenbaum but with make up to age him of course. But hopefully we will get rosenbaum back later on, and I have to admit the actor who played the clone did a good job.

Clark is working on winning Jor-El over and the suit in the process, Lois knows the secret, the suicide squad is making Oliver’s [and Chloe’s] life a living hell, Tess has a young Lex under her care, and Darkseid and the dangers of Apokolips loom in the darkness. Great stuff!! Keep it coming Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson and the rest of the producers and writers! Season 10 looks like it will indeed soar, and it may even be better than last year [and season 9 was an epic year, my personal favorite of the series!].



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