Tuesday, September 29, 2009

djtitoflow crimefighter season two finale arrives

djtitoflow crimefighter 10 "hobo war" finally arrives. check out the youtube versions [embedded here] or at facebook.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home made Galileo 7


The Galileo 7 is one of the simplest and most cool looking shuttles in trek history. so it made sense to make one at home when I decided to make a scifi inspired basket-crib for my egg baby senior year project.
here's the mess I made during the day of "creation". the ship was made from white foam board. and is glued together with sobo glue, and even some well placed tape. the details were made with sharpies.

my main reference during construction, the Galileo 7 from the johnny lightning miniatures series.

the handle was added, making it into a crib

home made Galileo 7

Galileo 7!!

me [Robert "djtitoflow" Lay] holding the galileo

Captain Lay

James "Kirk" Lay

My egg baby, James Kirk Lay

I met his mother at the star trek experience in Vegas. agagagagggaag


James Kirk Lay

at school with the shuttle and its valuable "cargo"

can you find kirk?


coming home

escape the wormhole!!

Galileo in Random Stopmotion 3

the set for the star trek minimates segment in random 3

fits perfectly with the minimates

kick his ass kirk


playmates vs home made

the playmates Galileo 7 from 1996, and my Galileo from April -May 2008


hell yeah!!

Star Trek poem for 12th grade

construction of the poster for english week at my high school

Galileo from the poster

The endless mission of stars and hope

I've always been looking to the sky
Imagining the ship ill one day fly
I see it as it leaves space dock
Like the leading bird in a flock
That passes by Mars
On its way to the stars

At maximum warp
We swoosh through the stars
Stars that have showered me with hope
Stars that have opened my eyes
To mankind's endless slope
Of stars and warp

That time has ended
The decommissioning has begun
And I look at my crew
Because I've never seen people so true
As true as my endless mission
To boldly go where no one has gone before

-Robert Lay

Sunday, September 6, 2009

the making of Random Stop Motion 3


On august 17 2006 I released my first "big" stop motion video, random stopmotion. The follow-up video arrived on may 2007. And now after more than two years since the last one the third random finally arrives. The main reason for the tardiness is that this video was a lot more complicated to edit than the last ones. iphoto and photoshop were used in the editing process for color correction and special effects. and there are many more segments in this one, and for the most part their longer and more intricate than the ones in random 1 and 2.

Christmas filming

The filming for random 3 began christmas 2007. Every year we have a tradition of building a christmas village under the three. in 2006 we did peanuts, but for 2007 it was rankin bass stopmotion toys.

the village

rudolph helping santa

Peanuts segment

Building the sets

Me filming the sonic unleashed segment

Sonic unleashed segment was filmed with flowers and the action figures over blue bed sheets. But the the first sonic segment I filmed used a backdrop I made from print outs of green hill zone elements over a blue construction paper.

first sonic segment
batman lego segment required a mix of C3 bricks and lego, and construction paper.

Lego batman set

Beavis and Butthead doing what they do best.. on the couch watching music videos

Drawing the walls for the Tantive IV Blockade Runner from episode IV

Lego Star Wars set. the blockade runner form the intro to a new hope


Photoshop window

I used photoshop to add blood, and all sorts of magic and laser effects to the pictures. All this done picture by picture individually. So this part of the process takes a lot of time.

Clone Wars

Alien vs Predator Mez-its from Mezco toys

Butt head kicks Beavis's Ass

photoshop for "green screening"

or should I say white screening

the batman in the previous pic was added to this brick background, same as the joker and minion within the set. then it was edited several times and exported each time. each frame batman gets a little closer to the thug.

You will believe a man can fly... thanks to photoshop. a picture was taken without supes and one without him. I added supes to the background picture and made him fly, frame by frame.



more photoshop

figure is standing in the transporter [lines added in photoshop]

no action figure

a cross dissolve transition was used between a clip of the figure and the animation of the lines around him, and one of just the transporter. and this dissolves simulates the beaming effect.

fire at the mugatu kirk

photoshopped beam and impact flashes

cross dissolve


predator de-cloaking

by the power of greyskull

fludd throws water



Donatello before being color corrected in iphoto

the contrast, tint, and temperature have been tweaked. cowabunga!!!

pictures from the tmnt segment organized in iphoto. theive been color corrected and are ready to be imported to imovie where they will be assembled and animated.



Me and the turtles... my crimefighting brothers in a half-shell

two crimefighting clowns

Hope everyone enjoyed this visual ride through the filming and editing process of random stop motion 3. Now on to random 3 itself. remember to leave comments, rate, favorite, and pass along. enjoy!!