Thursday, May 14, 2009

djtitoflow's- Star Trek [2009] movie review

This review is spoiler free

EPIC! That word can sum up what I think of this movie. Epic! Star trek at its most epic! And im glad because trek is a franchise that was essentially dead in the last few years, and this movie has revived the series for new audiences, and old fans alike.

At first I was worried because from the moment this movie was being developed it was being said that this trek film was gonna be aimed at not only the trekkies [like myself] but at the mainstream audience. I was worried it wouldn’t feel like star trek, and would ignore continuity and trek lore. But fear not trek fans, it doesn’t. It changes many things, but its justified because theres time travel involved in the movie.

This film has a great pace. It grabs you from the beginning and never lets go. The first sequence is a tragic no win scenario, and one of the most intense and visceral space fight sequences in all of trek. There definitely is a great sense of urgency here. Nero is a Romulan from the future who has come to the 23rd century to destroy the planet Vulcan and watch Spock suffer as he did when Romulus was destroyed in the 24th century [a couple of years after the other most recent trek film, star trek nemesis of the next generation era]. I still dont know why JJ Abrams didnt put the romulans in this film with thier V shaped ridges, but this wont give you any restless sleeps. But I wanted ridges!

This film is the origin story of Kirk and his crew of the second enterprise, but altered of course due to time travel. This is the crew of the original series, from 1966-1969, and from the first 6 movies from 1979-1991. This is old school classic trek! I don’t wanna get into many specifics of whats different here from the normal trek timeline cause I don’t wanna spoil anything or bore anyone who isn’t a trek fan, but trust me youll be surprised trek fans. And Leonard Nimoy [the original actor who portrayed Spock] plays Spock prime, AKA Spock that comes from the future following Nero. His scenes will make trek fans applaud in the theater. The entire movie had me wanting to jump from my seat most of the time. The characters are well written and the new actors play them extremely well. They pay good respect to the original actors. I especially applaud Simon Pegg as Scotty, and Karl Urban as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy. And Zachary Quinto [sylar from Heroes] is great as Spock, and Chris Pine is also great in his role as the legendary explorer, Captain James T. Kirk.

Theres some nice references to other aspects of trek throughout the film. Most notably a reference to the captain of the first enterprise, Jonathan Archer, and his beagles. People who haven’t seen the most recent trek series “Star Trek Enterprise” wont get that reference, but im a big fan of that awesome and extremely underappreciated show, so I was very happy when I heard Scotty mention the once captain now admiral Jonathan Archer and his most recent beagle [the original Porthos rules].

Everything about this film is great. It was directed by JJ Abrams of Alias, Lost, cloverfield, and mission impossible 3, so its obvious its an awesome film. Trekkies will love it, and non-fans too. Its action packed, very emotional, well written, well paced, great effects, good soundtrack, etc. Go see it now. If your not a trek fan youll probably become one after seeing this. Prepare to be blown away. The future begins Now!

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