Friday, September 5, 2008

djtitoflow crimefighter season two begins oct 2008

the second season of djtitoflow crimefighter premieres this october! im still filming some scenes for the first three episodes of the season. the first and third episodes are completely filmed, while the second episode practically unfilmed. this first 3 episodes take place during the summer, whcih is why youll see montages relating to the graduation, prom, and luquillo trip. when i wrap up filming ill begin editing the first episode, hopefully releasing it before october ends. I also plan to release random stopmotion 3, and hopefully the first videogame show and/or nostalgia blast episode all before crimefighter begins.
crimefighter season two will explore what happens to djtitoflow's crimefighting team after school ends. this season will be have much more

drama than the last one. what was once and action-comedy is now an action-comedy-drama. Expect to see more of sensei bolillo, who was added as a main character right at the end of season one. and also expect retuning villains, and all new threats as djtitoflow faces an uncertain future in a crime-filled world.

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