Saturday, September 20, 2008

Smallville season 8 preview and Odyssey premiere review

Re-imagining superman from its roots. That was the tagline for “smallville” when it premiered 7 years ago on what was once the WB. No entering its eight season smallville faces some heavy issues, like the absence of Michael Rosenbaum [Lex Luthor]. But lets focus first on reviewing the premiere episode itself, “Odyssey”. The season picks up where season 7 ended. Clark had just lost his powers and the fortress of solitude was falling on him and Lex , and Chloe was arrested by the department of Domestic Security. Now about a month later we find that Clark got picked up by Russians who have him at a work camp. Lex is missing, Chloe is being held by Lexcorp and not the DDS as we once thought, and Oliver “Green Arrow” Queen and his pre-justice league team are out looking for Clark.

The episode wasn’t half that bad. Its customary of smallville to have kick ass season premieres and finales, and for the most part everything in between be lackluster. There are some great moments such as when brainwashed Oliver shoots an arrow though power-less Clark’s chest, and the Martian Man hunter flying Clark close to the sun, giving him his powers back. And of course it was great seeing Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Black Canary on screen.

Even though the shows greatest and most well-developed character is gone from the show this season still has the possibility to be a great one. They have a new character called Davis Bloome, who’s the smallville version of Doomsday. Initially I was pissed off when I heard they were going to desacrate this character, but as more details have surfaced the possibility of this character being at least decent has grown. And its Sam Witwer from “Star Wars- Force Unleashed” playing the role of doomsday. DC fans remember, smallville is a series that should be watched with an open mind. It’s a re-imagining, like it or not its very different from other superman interpretations. Take it or leave it.

Creators Alfred Gough and Milles milar are gone from the show. Many fans blame them for most of the series’s problems. Hopefully the new creative team will finally start shaking the series from its slowness, repetitiveness, and all its other many problems. And Lana is only gonna appear in five episodes so that possibility is very high. Its also been revealed that the “Legion of Superheroes” will appear in one episode written by Geoff Johns, and even the alien queen Maxima, who tries to get Clark to be her mate. Clark finally has a job at the Daily Planet and will be spending a lot more time with Lois Lane. And he seems to finally be ready to start embracing his destiny [Cause Lana isn’t there to hold him back anymore]. If they truly use the DC mythology well, the League and green arrow, and use supergirl in more than one friggin episode then this season could very well surprise us. Just please get Michael Rosenbaum back, even if its just for the season finale, but bring him back! Best interpretation of Lex Luthor ever! Ever!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

djtitoflow's written review of Clone Wars

Three years ago we experienced the last chapter in the Star Wars saga… Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith. The prequels had their problems, Anakin and Padme!!!!, but episode three was an emotional and intense film that ended up being better then what we ever imagined it could be. Now three years later we get a new theatrical star wars release… Star Wars the clone wars.
Clone Wars is a CGI animated movie that takes place in between episodes 2 and 3. Jabba the Hutt’s son has been kidnapped and its up to Anakin to find the baby and put Jabba on the Republics side in the Clone Wars. This is only the beginning, as the clone wars will continue as a series on cartoon network and TNT this October. If you’re a star wars fan and you go theater expecting to see an hour and a half tv pilot then you wont be disappointed cause that’s exactly what this movie is. Don’t expect the same detail or depth of one of the live action movies. But also don’t expect many of the annoying problems from the prequels [no love scenes between anakin and padme, and no hayden christensen!!, yes!!!!!!!]
This time around Anakin actually has personality, and his new padawan Ashoka Tano is a wonderful addition to the Star Wars universe. She’s young, inexperienced, and quick to act without thinking.. just like Anakin used to be. Its great to see Anakin and Ashoka interact because you see how mature Anakin has gotten in this war and both characters have great chemistry. Seeing their relationship grow is one of the things I’m most anxious to see in the animated series.
The action is intense. The troopers kick ass. Anakin is more interesting. We get a cool new character. And even Samuel Jackson plays mace windu again, and christopher lee does count dooku, and Anthony daniels reprises the role of C-3PO like he’s always faithfully done. And all the new voice actors do a great job. Overall it’s a pretty good animated movie [oops I mean tv pilot]. The droids are a little on the annoying side though. They made them really stupid in this version. But if your watching this movie in a group like I was then youll be laughing at the battle droids antics [laughter is contagious]. But that doesn’t stop the droids from looking dumb and ridiculous.
If you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan , or at least like it enough, then go see it. Just don’t compare with the movies, its not fair to do that. Its a fun ride, although heavy on the shallow side. But it’s the best way to prepare for the series. Cartoons keep getting worse and worse every year, so I cant wait for this series to begin. Its gonna kick ass! So get to a theater near you and may the force be with you.

Friday, September 5, 2008

djtitoflow crimefighter season two begins oct 2008

the second season of djtitoflow crimefighter premieres this october! im still filming some scenes for the first three episodes of the season. the first and third episodes are completely filmed, while the second episode practically unfilmed. this first 3 episodes take place during the summer, whcih is why youll see montages relating to the graduation, prom, and luquillo trip. when i wrap up filming ill begin editing the first episode, hopefully releasing it before october ends. I also plan to release random stopmotion 3, and hopefully the first videogame show and/or nostalgia blast episode all before crimefighter begins.
crimefighter season two will explore what happens to djtitoflow's crimefighting team after school ends. this season will be have much more

drama than the last one. what was once and action-comedy is now an action-comedy-drama. Expect to see more of sensei bolillo, who was added as a main character right at the end of season one. and also expect retuning villains, and all new threats as djtitoflow faces an uncertain future in a crime-filled world.