Sunday, July 27, 2008

djtitoflow's written review of The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is breaking box office records, and for good reasons. This movie is not only the greatest movie of the summer, but of the year itself. Its miles in front of all its summer “popcorn” movie competition, because this is way more then some explosion filled summer movie, this is an intensely dramatic movie with psychological layers that we once thought would never be seen in a batman movie.

Batman is now protecting a city in a state of escalation. Things are worse than ever before. The mob has united, and a new criminal, the Joker, is bringing chaos and anarchy to an already messed up city. When I first heard this movie’s version of the Joker wouldn’t be Jack Napier, or have a detailed back-story, I got pissed. But all us batman fans got a sigh of relief when we saw the first trailer, this new joker looked creepy, violent, and insane. And after watching the movie all I can say is: “Heath Ledger deserves and Oscar for this performance”. And the movie itself also deserves one, as did Batman Begins, which the Academy overlooked [like always looking down at sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book adaptations].

The Joker is awesome; many of his dialogues are quotable beyond imagination! Wait till you see his pencil routine! The Joker simply wants to destroy and cause chaos, he even burns money in one scene. There’s no logic to this criminal’s mind, he’s insane. He’s dark, but you will be laughing a lot when you see him, thankfully not because of silly jokes, but because of how violent and sick the son of a bitch is on screen. He’ll also make you a bit nervous sometimes. Your gonna cringe everytime he takes out his little knife and starts to talk about his scar. The suspense he brings to the movie is truly gripping.

This movie builds upon every character established in the first movie. Especially Batman/Bruce Wayne who’s now a fully fledged crimefighter who has the city’s criminals shitting their pants. Bruce is also looking to end his days as batman as he sees Harvey Dent as the hero that Gotham City deserves, a hero who fights by the law and with no mask on. Harvey is also a great character, its great that they set him up very well, that way you really feel sorry for him when he turns into Two-Face. Two face is great here, he’s a dark and tragic character, not comedic and one-dimensional like the one from batman forever.

This is one of those movies that had me cheering in the movie theater. This movie lived up to the hype and more. The actions scenes are great, their much better directed and choreographed than the ones from the first movie, and the bat-pod and all of batman’s new weapons and gadgets kick ass! It’s a complex drama, with real emotions. They don’t hold back here, this is intense, dark; it’s everything a great batman movie should be. Be prepared to be surprised, and screwed with, cause the movie is unpredictable. You’ll be at the edge of your seat. I mean it, I’m not exaggerating. It’s very sad that Heath died because when this movie ends your anxious to see him in the future sequels. And because he was a great actor of course, this was a big loss to Hollywood, he and his work will be long remembered. If you haven’t seen it yet, then go see it! You will enjoy it if you’re a hardcore batman fan, and even if you’ve never read a Batman comic. This movie appeals to everybody, it’s that good, go see it!

For the video review of this batman movie, along with batman begins, and the 4 batman movies from 1989-1997, then stay tuned to my batman movie retrospective. It’s coming in the first episode of djtitoflow’s nostalgia show [my new documentary-like series that will take you on a trip to the past]

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

djtitoflow crimefighter season one DVD

The crimefighter season one DVD was released early this june! it features all 5 episodes plus: CSA 2008 tour [17 mins], the behind the scenes [25 mins], two trailers, and a picture montage. theres a small error that can be overcomed, so it was no big deal if you have a copy and are having problems seeing the behind the scenes then let me know! there was even a release "event" at my house, thanks vazquez, nicole, troche, christian, and angel "hoboman" for assisting. many more came afterwards to get their copies. and i sent copies out through people, and even through mail. hope everyone who has one has enjoyed it. there are a few copies left, contact me!

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